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Regardless of whether you're a beginning golfer or an experienced player, 
and whether you're playing an entry level set of clubs or the newest clubs 
on the market - having the equipment custom fit will give you a greater opportunity for success.  Make sure the length of the club is right for you, the flex in the shaft is correct for your swing speed and that the lie/loft are adjusted appropriately 
to center each hit in the face of the club.  

Shaft flex impacts, either directly or indirectly, the accuracy, trajectory and distance of your shot.  "Flex" refers to the ability of a golf shaft to bend as 
forces are applied to it during the golf swing.  As the shaft flexes throughout 
the swing, the position of the clubhead changes.  And the face of the club must 
be square at impact to get the most out of the shot.  If you have the wrong flex for your swing, there is less chance that you'll make contact with the ball with a square clubface.  Therefore, having a flex that doesn't match the needs of your swing will result in the clubface being misaligned at impact, causing your shots 
to go off-target.  Shafts are available in a variety of materials, 
weights, frequencies, kick points, lengths and price ranges.  

After making sure the length is right for the individual golfer, it is 
important to analyze launch angles, ball speed, ball spin rate and angle of descent.  These factors account largely for how any club performs for a particular golfer.  

Lie and Loft adjustments are the single most important fitting you can perform to improve you distance and accuracy with your irons 

Shaft F.L.O. - Analyzing, identifying and certifying the Shaft Frequency and orientating for a Flat Line Oscillation
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